Miraj captures the emotion of a memory into a contemporary perfume

A hallmark of the perfume industry of 70s Romania, Miraj was one of the few luxury products available for many Romanians. But for the children of that era, Miraj was more than that - it was their mother’s perfume.

A flashback, like a kiss on the forehead and a caress, the rustle of an evening gown, the diffused light of a lamp, and somewhere among the boxes with colored powders, the hairbrush, and jewelry scattered on the dresser, that mysterious little bottle sparkling.

Glimpses of past moments with no particular meaning, but together making up life’s richness. How many such moments are not left forgotten in the corner of our minds? But how precious they become once remembered; when, in an instant, we become children again, peering excited at our parents getting ready for a party.

Miraj is an evocative fragrance, an olfactory journey spanning feelings of familiarity and nostalgia to seduction and self-confidence. The refinement and sensuality of its notes culminate in a hypnotizing elegance.

A niche fragrance brand designed in Romania

Great care and dedication went into creating a true niche fragrance that reflects the mature tastes of modern society.

Collaboration with established perfumers in the industry is paramount to achieving unique accords. The creative process of each Miraj fragrance starts from an idea, a concept that carries the expression of a specific emotion. Working closely with the perfumer, we develop this concept, paying particular attention to special notes and prime quality ingredients.

The distinctive olfactory signature of the new perfumes is emphasized by the minimalist and refined design of the bottles. Evoking the simplicity of the containers used by the perfumer in the laboratory, the bottles are reinterpreted into a luxury object—a tribute to the perfumer’s creation, presented in an honest and transparent way.

Scents developed alongside renowned experts in the international perfume industry

The new Miraj formulas are signed by award-winning perfumer and active member of the International Perfume Conservatory L’Osmothèque Versailles, Stéphanie Bakouche. Bakouche is known for her collaborations with brands such as L’Artisan Parfumeur, MDCI, Maison Crivelli, and Jul et Mad.

The Miraj formulas are created under the perfumer’s close supervision and produced at Domaine Sainte Blanche in the south of France. Here, the famous Master Perfumer Edmond Roudnitska set up his laboratory in 1947 and created perfumes such as Diorama, Diorissimo, and Eau Sauvage for Dior, Eau d'Hermès, the first perfume of Hermès, and Femme for Rochas. 

The final production takes place in Bucharest.

A new page in the history of Romanian perfumery

The story of Miraj begins in the 50s with the perfume factory “Macul Roșu” opening in Bucharest. In a relatively short time, the establishment launched a variety of perfumes that set the foundation for Miraj’s subsequent success.

In the 70s, “Macul Roșu,” rebranded as “Miraj,” garnered international success. At the time, Miraj produced tens of millions of perfume units per year. For Romanians, the Miraj perfume bottles became synonymous with the small pleasures of life.

Miraj also had a cosmetics division, owning the Gerovital brand and Ana Aslan formulas, which attracted internationally renowned personalities to its treatment centers. In 1989, Miraj rebranded again as Gerovital Cosmetics, and in 2008, Miraj transferred ownership of the Gerovital brand to Farmec and ceased trading.

Ten years later, Miraj was registered as a trademark. Over the following four years, the brand was developed and reimagined as a niche Romanian boutique fragrance brand. The management and team are entirely new, and the project is 100% privately funded with Romanian capital.