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Miraj perfume returns to the Romanian market after more than half a century

After more than 50 years since its launch, the Miraj perfume returns to the Romanian market, in a new formula that evokes past emotions and inspires infinite possibilities . The encapsulation of emotions and their transposition into perfect sensory adventures were the basis of the reimagining of this iconic Romanian brand.

A niche perfume brand designed in Romania and developed together with renowned experts from the international perfumery industry

Emblem of the Romanian perfumery industry of old, Miraj represented for many Romanians one of the few luxury products they had access to. Today, the brand is completely reborn and offers the public two new formulas signed by Stéphanie Bakouche -  award-winning perfumer and active member of the International Perfume Conservatory L ' Osmothèque Versailles.

Miraj Caramel is a feminine fragrance from the musk-gourmand-floral family, with a long-lasting intensity, which combines notes of caramel, patchouli and tiare flower on a base of tonka bean, vanilla and a lot of musk. This sensual formulation, with a considerable dose of musk, makes the perfume behave differently on each person, emphasizing its uniqueness in a game of seduction.

Mirage Velur is an oriental-spicy-amber composition with spicy top notes of black pepper, bergamot and cypress combined with middle notes of saffron, coriander, papyrus wood and vetiver, on a base of amber, resins, leather, patchouli and cedar wood. An unforgiving, ultra-masculine fragrance that reflects a determined and strong personality.

The distinctive character of the new perfumes is underlined by a minimalist and refined design of the bottle, which evokes the simplicity of the containers used by the perfumer in the laboratory, reinterpreting them in a luxury object. A tribute to the perfumer's creation, presented in an honest and transparent way.

Miraj Caramel and Miraj Velur perfumes are part of a limited collection, available online at .


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